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Webalizer Stats

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Webalizer regenerate:

If the statistics are not generating for a particular domain. Follow the following steps to regenerate the stats.

Before regenerating stats, place the log files of the dates that need stats to be updated into the logs folder of the domain.

Take log files from hslogfiles and put into the path ( account folder\logs\domain folder )

  • Go to “hostslist.txt” locate the domain.
  • Take backup of the hostslist.txt or rename it as hostslist.txt.bak
  • Put an entry for the particular domain for which the stat is missing in the host file as provided by EG.
  • Delete the data’s other than the domains data.

EG: Example

(Account folder E:\hshome\Account folder\logs\\ E:\hshome\Account folder\\webalizer

==>Then double click the “Webalizer.exe”. Files will be executed (should
not skip)

That’s it. webalizer stats will be created for that domain