Unable to upload the audio file (mp3) of more than size 2mb.

For this you have to increase the post and upload size in the php.ini file.

Normally is is set as max upload size is 2mb and max post size is have to change value as a

post_max_size 22M
upload_max_filesize 10M

Thats over. Now you are able to upload the files.


PHP Websites are getting authentication:


While accessing the domain it is throwing authentication.


This fixed can be fixed by providing network services permission to the php path.

“c:\Program Files\Hsphere\3rdparty\PHP”
That’s it. Issue will be get resolved.


You will face this type of error after upgrading the php version.


"PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\ProgramFiles\
HSphere\3rdparty\PHP\PHP5\ext\php_curl.dll' - The specified modulecould not be found"


Need to enable the curl extension on the php.ini file

And by copying the DLL "zlib.dll" into the folder system32.



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