Softwares Download:     Click

Filezilla Download:     Click

Framepackage4.0:               Click

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express:                                         Click

Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition:                                                    Click

Service Packs & Adventure DB for MSSQL:     click

Service Packs:

SP3 for x64.     click

Jmail     Click

Windows Malicious Software removal Tool                   Click

Mail enable Queue Clean

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.5 for Windows 32-bit, x64, and Itanium:      Clickwin          Clicklin

OS  Download:     Click

ASPUpload Download:        Click

Smarter Mail Download:     Click

DotnetNuke Community Edition:     Click

Helicon ISAPI rewrite download:     Click

Mail Enable Download:     Click

Parallels Plesk Panel Download:     Click

DLL Download:     Click

  1. gokul says:

    Nice. Please separate the Mssql server and management studio download under separate heading. Both are under management studio.

    – gokulakrishnan

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