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CDP (Continuous Data Protection)

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MSSQL BAckup Scheduling:

Steps to configure backup in MSSQL Server.

1 – Open Enterprise Manager on your SQL server machine
2 – Expand the console tree by selecting Microsoft SQL servers > SQL Server Group > Your SQL Server > Management
3 – Right click Database Maintenance Plans and select “New Maintenance Plan”
4 – When the wizard opens, click Next and select the “All Databases” option. Click Next
5 – Skip the next two stages of the wizard by clicking Next unless you want to rebuild indexes (Not recommended for a large number of databases)
6 – Make sure the options “Back up the database as part of a maintenance plan” is checked and also “Verify the integrity of the backup when complete”
7 – Set a schedule up for the plan ti run, daily in the very early hours is probably best and click Next
8 – Select the location for the backups, either the default on somewhere on your server
9 – Check the option for “Create a sub-directory for each database”
10 – Set the length of time that you wish to retain backups
11 – Leave the extension as BAK and click Next
12 – There’s no real need to backup the transaction logs unless you want to at the next stage so click Next
13 – Check the option to Write a report to a text file as this is handy for diagnosing any problems with the plan and set the retention time for the logs. Click Next.
14 – You can write the history to a DB table but this is not necessary, click Next
15 – Check the summary, give the maintenance plan a name and click Finish


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