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Dotnet Nuke

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DNN Installation procedure:

DNN is used to build highly interactive, dynamic web sites .  Professional edition of  DNN is licensed and Community Edition is a free one. Use the following steps to install the DNN for websites to run under asp applications.

  • Download the setup folder to install DNN from the link below.    Click     Click

  • Extract the DotNetNuke folder under the root folder of the domain and create it as a virtual directory.
  • Assign the modify permission for network services, IUSR and ASPNET.
  • Create the MSSQL database and put the connect string in web.config file.

Connect string for mssql database in web.config file:

<add name=”SiteSqlServer” connectionString=”Server=(local);Database=DotNetNuke;uid=;pwd=;” providerName=”System.Data.SqlClient” />

  • Access the following URL in the browser to start the installation.

  • Now proceed and complete the installation.

Installation Doc:     Click

Webalizer Stats

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Webalizer regenerate:

If the statistics are not generating for a particular domain. Follow the following steps to regenerate the stats.

Before regenerating stats, place the log files of the dates that need stats to be updated into the logs folder of the domain.

Take log files from hslogfiles and put into the path ( account folder\logs\domain folder )

  • Go to “hostslist.txt” locate the domain.
  • Take backup of the hostslist.txt or rename it as hostslist.txt.bak
  • Put an entry for the particular domain for which the stat is missing in the host file as provided by EG.
  • Delete the data’s other than the domains data.

EG: Example

(Account folder E:\hshome\Account folder\logs\\ E:\hshome\Account folder\\webalizer

==>Then double click the “Webalizer.exe”. Files will be executed (should
not skip)

That’s it. webalizer stats will be created for that domain

If you have to configure silver light application to run on IIS. Need to add the MIME type to enable it in IIS. Other wise silver light will not be supported on IIS web server.

This can be accomplished by adding following MIME type in IIS

.xap application/x-silverlight-app

Steps for adding MIME type in IIS.

Go to IIS==>Right click IIS at the root ==> Click MIME types ==> Click New ==> A tab will open

Here you need to add the extension

Extension: .xap

Mimetype: application/x-silverlight-app

And Click Ok to finish.

Thats it. Now silver light applications can be run on IIS.

These extensions can also be added to enable silver light.

  • .xbap application/x-ms-xbap
  • xaml application/xaml+xml Click Click


If you need to view or change the admin password for the plesk you can use the following process. Go to the following path in the command prompt.

Path ==> “Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin>”

Type ==>  plesksrvclient.exe -get

So now you can view the password on a separate screen.

  • If you have to set new password for plesk admin. Execute the following command.

“Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin>” plesksrvclient.exe  -set ‘password’

Give password with out quotes. Now your password will be changed.     Click

IIS Mappings:

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In IIS we will face lots of errors depending up on the configurations. In that situation we have to check whether DLL mappings are placed right.

Following DLL should be mapped for cold fusion.





.php ==> C:\Program Files\HSphere\3rdparty\PHP\PHP5\php-cgi.exe

.php3 =>C:\Program Files\HSphere\3rdparty\PHP\PHP5\php-cgi.exe

.phps==>C:\Program Files\HSphere\3rdparty\PHP\PHP5\php-cgi.exe


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